Do you have a growing pile of vintage clothing and a dwindling pile of cash?

Sell on Consignment

Sputnik's Vintage can help! We've been there before, too.

Whether you're looking to drum up some extra spending money for Viva or have just found your Holy Grail novelty print you've been searching ages for and need to make some quick cash, Sputnik's Vintage is here for you.

We can help sell your fine vintage clothing for women and men from the 1940s to the 1960s---today!

If your items need repairs such as popped seams, missing buttons and dry cleaning, don't worry---we'll take care of that, too. 

Lighten your load and widen your wallet without invoicing, cleaning, marketing, photographing, listing, shipping or customer service. That's our job.

The only thing you need to do is book your free consultation to show us your goods! 

We offer this service to anyone with fine mid-century vintage clothing around the world! We can set up a video chat and help you sell from anywhere.

If you are local to Southern California, we can meet you or you can bring your treasures to our studio in

Costa Mesa, CA. 

Just let us know how you'd prefer to meet when you book your consultation and we'll handle the rest.

Do you have a growing pile of vintage clothing and a dwindling pile of cash? Sputnik's Vintage can help! Let us sell your prized vintage possessions with care to high val...
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