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VoyageLA does the incredible work of highlighting the people around us here in the Los Angeles/Orange County in Southern California. These are people who's names you might not instantly recognize (like mine, for example) but they operate from the idea that I always held when I was a reporter: everybody has a story. That is to say a crazy, unique, inspiring, heartbreaking story. And probably more than one.

That's why I'm honored reporter Kris Williams reached out asking if VoyageLA could feature me as a person in their inspiring stories section of the site. These are stories not of celebrities (though some folks are), but of our neighbors. And if my story or the story of Sputnik's is inspiring to someone, well, that's more than I could ever want. Truly.

Here are some parts of the articles I really enjoyed:

Has it been a smooth road? From the beginning in 2014 to say, as recently as this past November, I’ve felt the need to make everything about Sputnik’s feel polished and pristine and smooth. Because that’s how I want my client to feel. I want them to have a taste of the polished, pristine, smooth, elegant glamour that vintage fashion evokes.


But in keeping my eye on that prize, I thought that meant both I and Sputnik’s Vintage had to be as infallible and pseudo-perfect as Marilyn Monroe or James Dean has come to mean.


I never made the connection that if I wanted something clean and pristine, I could go to Amazon or Target and get something modern and mass-produced. But to me, it was always the patina or the authentic wear and tear of age and experience that made something special to me. The long time, hunt, or struggle it took to track down and find something rare and meaningful. I never expanded that ethos to my business story or message.

It’s only recently–as in VERY recently–that I’m learning to embrace and accept any “flaws”, shortcomings or long-time-comings I feel I have as an owner/operator. Almost everything I’ve done in business with Sputnik’s I’ve done and learned from trial and error. So HELL YEAH I’VE MADE MISTAKES!! HELL YES THERE’S BEEN STRUGGLE! And I’m learning how to not only become okay with that but embrace it as part of the process.

How do you think the industry will change over the next decade? It is my belief we will always have people with a strong reverence and resonance with the past. It’s inevitable because our heritage is carried in our cellular and spiritual makeup. If we carry certain traits of our parents and grandparents–physically or personality-wise–it makes sense that we inherit other aspects of these ancestors as well.

For me, I feel a spirited breath of life when I hear the horns of Glen Miller through an old speaker or swing dance on a floor of a historic building like the Cicada Club in Downtown LA. And I know this is the same for many of my friends and customers. It’s a feeling that is transcendent, beyond a personal passion–it feels like a collective passion and experience. Like people of the past, looking through my eyes to enjoy these glimpses of the activities, surroundings and clothing they once enjoyed in the flesh too.

If you'd like to check out the full story, head over to the VoyageLA site here. Thanks for reading and until next time!


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